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Classic Route 66, ghost towns, Amboy, a unique McDonalds, a brown dinner

18th July 2012 Route 66 My second day on Route 66, and one I'd anticipated for quite a while. Today's driving promised forgotten roads, ghost towns, empty buildings and lots and lots of desert. But first, breakfast, corn beef hash over at the truck stop. Fed, and ready to go, it's back to the open road. There's a short stretch of interstate before taking the turning to Goffs. There's not much left here - the ruins of a general store - but a line of mailboxes reminds me there's still life out in the desert. This is one of the longest uninterrupted sections of old Route 66, following close to the Santa Fe railway. The interstate cuts straight across the desert, bypassing this whole loop and sounding the death knell for many small towns. Amboy After Goffs, the road loops under US-40 and heads off to Amboy. There's not another vehicle between me and the horizon. Every mile or so a deserted gas station or store is all that's left of anoth

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